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Yes, you read it right! NUJIX can help, with our SEO & Google map placement services, we put your website in front of thousands of potential customers. We're more than just a pay monthly websites company.

What is SEO?

No hidden charges & no contract, simply choose the plan that suits your business

How pay monthly SEO works

Requirements Gathering & Planning

Requirements Gathering & Planning

Before we begin to plan SEO for our clients, we listen to what they want to achieve, where they want to go and who they need to target. Once this information is gathered, we are then able to go away and put the requirements into a more concise format, so that our technical teams understand what needs to be done.

Audit Report & Keyword Research

Audit Report & Keyword Research

Based on your expectations, audit report and our team's recommendations a 6-month strategy is devised. We work closely with you to ensure we cover the right types of keywords as well as finding all those different permutations your users and customers might be searching in order to find your site.

Backlinks & Link Building

Backlinks & Link Building

Everyone knows that backlinks are a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign, but not many understand the strength of their backlink profile. We thoroughly check that your backlinks are working in your website’s favour rather than damaging it and we plan in link building activities to help boost your backlink profile.

Content Creation

Content Creation

The content of your site is what users read to understand what you are offering and search engines use it to be able to interpret your site effectively. We generally aim for around 700-800 words of good quality content on main landing pages, and we use a clever algorithm to establish the perfect ratio of keywords for the content so as to appeal to both search engines and real customers.

How it works

The benefits of having a pay monthly SEO…

Complete on-page and off-page SEO service. Our team will analyse and implement all the technical changes on your website. We start off-page activities and link building from the first month.

Affordable Fixed Monthly Cost

We realize that you don't always have the cash-flow to pay-out in one big chunk for your website SEO. So we have devised this great way for our clients to pay monthly.

Cancel Anytime - No Fixed Contract

All of our packages come with no fixed contract and no cancellation fees.

No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our service we will offer you a full refund within 90 days. 100% risk free!

Result driven service

We believe in providing you with a results-driven SEO service, weekly and monthly monitoring. We also record all major changes to your website and external preference.

Rank Tracking

Our highly skilled SEO team will help you select the right keywords, make any necessary changes to your website, and provide monthly reports on how your website is ranking. More importantly, we can demonstrate our results across our client base so you can see for yourself how effective we are.

Technical Support

Your report is sent out electronically with a secure link for you to follow and view your report online, anywhere and any time.


Have we missed something? We doubt it!

Our affordable SEO packages have it all… From the latest technology to first class support, your new business site is just a click away.

Keyword Research

We would look at things such as search volume vs competition, Google Trends, and money-making relevance to ensure the best combination of keywords are selected for the campaign.

In-depth Site Analysis

The site analysis will cover visibility issues, meta issues, content issues (low word count & duplicate content), link issues, image issues, semantic issues on every page of the website.

Competitor Research

We will look at your best ranking competitors, and analyze exactly why they have great rankings. What we will consider will be things like their link profile, their social presence, the content present on their site and how it’s presented, the technical status of their whole website, how well it works, etc.

Internal Page Analysis

These are internal landing pages in addition to the homepage which will be analyzed and made as relevant as possible to the keywords they are assigned to. We will also look at other factors which may affect usability and conversion rate.

Link Targets per month

The types of links built will be a mix between necessary directories (local and general), social media links, online communities (within the relevant market), influential bloggers within the industry, and other relevant and useful links to gain.

Backlink Audit

The links pointing to your website will be evaluated in terms of their relevance, quality, the anchor text they are carrying to your site, the geographic location that the links are coming from, the landing pages that they are pointing to on your website, and the link acquisition & loss/time graph pattern.

Technology Partners

We use best technology for website SEO to achieve best results.

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